Sage Fruit STEM Curriculum

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As a passionate advocate for fresh produce and education, The Produce Moms is excited to announce the release of The All-In-One STEM Curriculum presented by Sage Fruit. In our 12th eBook is devoted to STEM projects featuring apples and pears.

The All-In-One STEM Curriculum has STEM activities for the classroom, at-home projects or even science fair experiments. What does The Produce Moms’ The All-In-One STEM Curriculum have to offer?

  • All about Sage Fruit
  • Activity Sheets for Pre-K and Kindergarten
  • STEM Projects for Early Grades
  • STEM Projects for Middle Schoolers
  • All About the Scientific Method
  • And Much More!

The best part is that the The All-In-One STEM eBook is FREE downloadable PDF!